Hi... My name is Anderson and I have Chronic Kidney Disease caused by an autoimmune condition known as FSGS. I have been living with this condition for nearly 10 years now and I have been doing dialysis for 6.

Unfortunately, time is running out for me. My condition is causing damage to my heart and you can't do the surgery without a good functioning heart. I have spent the last few months on some of the most expensive drugs and a strict diet to bring my heart back to ALMOST normal function. My Cardiologist has told me that he doesn't know how long this will keep working and he advised me to try to get a transplant Immediately

Upon discussing this situation with my Nephrologist, he explained to me that Mount Hope is free, but it may take a while... months actually. I'm not sure I will remain eligible through that time.
I'm committed to try to raise this money on my own to do this as soon as possible in a private institution. This is why I'm asking 3500 Trinidadians for $100 each. If you can give more, please do, if you can give less, please do.

Thank you for your attention
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $270
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $135

    May God heal you

  • Christian Welsh
    Christian Welsh donated $135
  • Richard Howell
    Richard Howell donated $2,025
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $95
  • Joannah Nelson
    Joannah Nelson donated $675
  • Robert Joseph
    Robert Joseph donated $338

    Get well soon bro

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $101
  • Ashanna Arthur
    Ashanna Arthur donated $34

    Praying for you to get better.

  • Marissa Bradshaw
    Marissa Bradshaw donated $169

    All the best to you, Anderson

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A Kidney for Anderson

by Anderson Mitchell
Created Oct 20, 2022 | Chaguanas, Trinidad
$68,978 raised of $550,000 goal 13%
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