I am trying to raise funds to repay the debts I have incurred while seeking a better life for my family. All of the debts and loans I have been forced to take was for the benefit of my children. My husband and I work very hard to support our family but our debts surpass our income, we are renting because we could never afford to buy a house. My son has excelled in his exams and won a government scholarship dispite our struggles and he wanted to study abroad but even so we had to pay everything upfront and again we had to borrow another loan. I have inherited a piece of land from my family but unfortunately the bank could not use it for security as it has no title. I have since put it up for sale so if anyone in this campaign is interested but in the mean time I need to pay my rent which is 4 months behind and if I don't pay soon you know what will happen my bills are all behind I can bearly make groceries to feed my family because all our salary goes to loan payment and debts. I am putting out this campaign to assist me in minimising or even eliminating by debts so that my husband and I will be able to take care of our family.
The amount I have put as my goal will eliminate all our debts and free up our salaries so that we can be comfortable.
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All for family

by Sharmila Charles - Monasterio
Created May 21, 2021 | Tunapuna
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