Riaz and I wed a year and a half ago, for those who don't know. We had to postpone our wedding once because of Covid, and now we have to do it again because I'm unwell. Time isn't on our side because we began our trip a little later in life than other people. We were eager to begin our family since we believed that life should be happy. However, there have been a lot of emotional, mental, and physical hardships during the past year.
We were excited to tell our family members in December when we learned we were expecting our first child. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when I miscarried in late February. While managing the psychological and We felt the mental toll it took on us and started having terrible stomach pains. I lost my younger sister to a tragic accident in late March.

I was admitted for emergency surgery for the pain I was feeling two days after my sister passed away. But things didn't stop there. My sister's burial occurred the next day, and I received endometrial cancer news. I was started on medicine right away to stop the spread of the malignancy.
Unfortunately, this medication severely damages my body. It makes my muscles, joints, and immune system less robust. I experience severe bodily aches and nausea on some days as a result. In addition, I'm losing hair. In the meantime, I constantly feel worn out and exhausted.

My long-held desire to become a parent seemed to be fading away. My doctor and care team have done everything they can to offer me hope and support me in realizing my goal of having a family. To help me attain my goal, I'm now attending an oncologist and a reproductive expert. I have been given a year by my oncologist to try IVF for pregnancy. I'll go through chemotherapy and a total hysterectomy after this. But there is a significant financial and physical cost associated with all of this.
Really, neither my spouse nor I enjoy asking for assistance.
We were unprepared for the unexpected costs and the insurance's refusal to help with my cancer treatment or reproductive treatments. As a result, we have been paying for everything out of pocket, which is having a serious impact on us. All of our savings were spent. My spouse has been working hard to make money to cover all expenses. Despite the discomfort, I go to work every day, although it takes all of my strength. I'm fortunate that my employer recognizes my suffering and is understanding when I miss days, sometimes even weeks, of work at a time.

Had to have another emergency surgery two weeks ago to address new medical difficulties. We're suffering, and the medical expenditures are mounting. We've tried to delay starting a Fund Me account as long as we can, but it's clear that we need assistance. Our care team suggested that we do so to help with medical expenses. Again, because we work so hard in life, we are not the sort to beg for money assistance. But at this point, we believe there is nothing else we can do to realize our desire to have children. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such amazing, devoted, and helpful relatives and friends who have supported us along this journey. We give God thanks every day, especially for being together. Above all, we are madly in love and want to adore our kid just as much. We still pray continually every day, and we always will.
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    I pray God bless you and heal you.. open doors for you and make you well.

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Ashana's fight against cancer and infertility

by Mohanlal Ramnarine
Created Nov 02, 2022 | Trinidad
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