YOUR CARD STATEMENT WILL SHOW AS BLUE GURUZ INC. is a novel, technological safety initiative created for the sole purpose of advancing women's safety in Trinidad and Tobago and abroad. On February 4th 2021, T&T was shaken by the tragic loss of Andrea Bharatt which came approximately 2 months after the heart-rending passing of Ashanti Riley.
In two unrelated instances, both women were abducted by criminals posing as taxi drivers and taken into forested area before being killed. They have both become symbols that represent the countless others whose names may have been forgotten; whose futures were snuffed out by cold-hearted murderers, left unchecked by our legal and justice system.
One week after Andrea's passing, the team at embarked on a mission to provide tools and services to aid in protecting women.
On March 31st 2021, published our mobile application on the Google Play Store, making our beta version available to the public for android users.

Our Asister mobile application features a Real Time Tracking Software. This connects the user(Client) with a designated "Guardian" responsible for monitoring and alerting the authorities in the event of a "Red Alert" (Emergency), and providing the authorities with vital information to aid them in recovering the "Client".

Our vision is to equip every woman and girl with the tools and information necessary to safeguard themselves against predators.
For the Asister vision to be fully realized, funding is paramount. You can help make this vision a reality.

Costs of development and maintainance will include but not be limited to: Renting online server space on a monthly basis as the Asister community expands, contracting software developers to aid in the upkeep and security of our services, developing an IOS version of the application for the Apple Store, developing and/or aquiring a tracking device to work in tandem with the application, legal fees, advertising and contracting marketing strategists.

--Download our mobile app by searching "Asister" on the Google Play Store search bar.--

Thank you in advance for your contribution in making women safety a reality.
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Asister Safety Initiative Fund

by IspireEnterprisesInc.
Created Apr 30, 2021 | Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago
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