Caribbean School of Dancing has been a staple to the dance community of Trinidad and Tobago for 63 years. The school has played an important role in the careers of manylocally, regionally and internationally based dancers, teachers, choreographers and more; and many professionals in other fields of work attribute a lot of their success to the life lessons learnt at our school.
Since the closure of schools in March 2020 as a part of the government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued offering classes for our students through our new online platform. Our teachers,students and their families have overcome many challenges throughout these 9 months and we faced the harsh reality that many of our students would be unable to join us online. However, whether teaching a class of 2 or 20, our teachers remained committed to their students and the students remained committed to their love of dance.
Still We Dance is a virtual performance celebrating the resilience of the dance community around the world but particularly, right here in Trinidad and Tobago. While we may no longer be on the big stage and performing for live audiences or sharing the studio with one another, dance and the arts have continued to play a critical role in boosting the spirits of many across the globe from those who physically participate in dancing to those who have enjoyed the world of virtual performances.
The performance gave our online community a common goal to work toward in a time where many feel like their goals have been derailed. We offer this performance as a sign of hope to those who were unable to join us online and to those who are patiently waiting to get back to the studio that we will dance together again and a reminder that dance will forever live on.
Your contribution goes toward ensuring the we at CSD are able to continue providing a safe space for our students to learn and grow beyond a dance education so that we can continue running our online program and look to a brighter future back at our studios. There are two ways to donate:
1) Donate directly to CSD by donating to our fundmetnt campaign page
2) Give a student in need the gift of dance by covering their monthly or term fees for the January 2021 term. Please email us directly at for this option.
Thank you so much for your contributions! Every little bit will go a long way!
  • Rebecca Sitahal-Flemming
    Rebecca Sitahal-Flemming donated $135

    Because still we must dance...

  • Spirit Academy of Trinidad and Tobago
    Spirit Academy of Trinidad and Tobago donated $101

    United We Dance. Good luck!

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    Anonymous donated $675
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    Margaret donated $135
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Caribbean School of Dancing Still We Dance...

by Caribbean School of Dancing
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