Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Zofia Borkowska. I am 18 years old and live in the Silesian voivodeship. This year, I will be finishing high school as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. I am reaching out to you today in light of these circumstances. Please allow me to share my story:
I come from a small town called Książenice, where I spent most of my life. However, after my parents' divorce, my mother and I moved to the city of Gliwice. It was there that I began to seriously contemplate my future. It has always been my dream to study abroad, which is why, two years ago, when I was accepted into the IB program, I started looking for universities that I could aspire to attend. I FOUND IT. I found a university that not only aligned with my beliefs and values but also appeared to have an exceptional, individualized approach to its applicants - it seemed to want to know who I am and what kind of person I am. The university I am referring to is Parsons, The New School of Design - an American school in the state of New York. The degree program I decided to apply for was "Fashion Design." I decided - the use of past tense here is crucial. After 6 months of preparing my portfolio and completing my application, I sent my application to Parsons in New York. Three days ago (20.03.2023), I received an email with a positive result from the school of my dreams - to their branch in Paris (Parsons Paris). Additionally, I was awarded a "merit scholarship" - a scholarship for the quality of my application, academic achievements, and skills demonstrated in my portfolio. It is worth $7,000.
I hope that the above description is not too extensive. However, if you have dedicated your attention and time to me thus far, I will get to the point of my email. As we all know, private universities come with unimaginable costs. The school alone costs around $40,000 per year - which means that I need to come up with $33,000. After contacting the school, I know that it does not provide scholarships that are appropriate for family financial circumstances, which puts me in a difficult situation. Currently, my ambitions have surpassed my abilities. As I mentioned earlier, I am being raised solely by my mother, who is a nurse by profession - she works three jobs, and in the meantime, tries to take care of my education, and up until now, it is thanks to her that I have been able to build a solid foundation for my career. For over a year now, I have been working in Berlin at the "Fashion Week" event for the production company. This is also the result of my determination, work ethic, and maturity, which I am very proud of. However, I am a very ambitious person, and I want to climb higher. That is why I am reaching out to you with a huge request for help in achieving my dreams and plans. I can guarantee that the trust and belief in my abilities that you place in me is not only an investment in a young person but an investment in a better tomorrow.
I must emphasize that what I do is no longer a mere hobby or casual interest, but rather my passion and life's purpose, which I have thus far been fortunate enough to fulfill. I firmly believe that this is the strongest aspect of my plans, as only work done with passion can contribute to making our world a better place.
Regardless of the outcome of your decision, please know that I am profoundly grateful for the time and consideration you have given me.

Zofia Borkowska
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Passion-Driven Education: My Values and Beliefs

by Zofia Borkowska
Created Mar 23, 2023 | Poland
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