Ahmad and Anika Daly are a young Muslim couple who resided in Cumuto Trinidad with their five children. On October 27, 2019, the couple along with their months old baby Sulaiman, were involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident near to their home. Mercifully, baby Sulaiman, was not injured; his parents however, sustained life altering injuries and the family has been traumatized by this incident.

Ahmad, who is a builder by trade, suffered head injuries as well as physical injuries to his person. He was hospitalized for several weeks and subsequently discharged into the care of relatives, who have also taken upon themselves the management and support of the couple's five children who range in age from 15 years to 7 months.

Anika who was a home maker also sustained head trauma and neurological injuries, a broken leg and arm and other internal injuries leading to internal bleeding. Our Sister whose greatest joy was the care of her children, remains hospitalized since this time, unable to speak or move, although with the prayers and support of her friends and loved ones, some improvement in her condition has been noted.

Additionally, the chilren's access to schooling has been affected as their relocation to the home of relatives has taken them out of the proximity of the schools they attend. These little ones long to be reunited with their parents and emotional toll is evident, despite their resilience and a brave face.

Our brother Ahmad, cannot work at this time to sustain his family and with Anika's discharge from the hospital looming, we ask that you show solidarity with this family through your donations and generous endowments. Anika's post hospital care, which will require routine and consistent nursing care, specialized bedding and feeding arrangements, is just one of the many priorities of this campaign. The very existence of this family as they struggle to cope and come to terms with this new way of living, is at stake.

We ask you to step in and step up and be the keepers of our brother and sister and their young ones. Any assistance is value adding and all assistance is needed.

Thank you
Friends of the Daly Family
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    May Allah swt grant the parents shifaa Ameen

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  • Dear Friends, Well-wishers, Brothers and Sisters in humanity,

    On behalf of Ahmed and Anika Daly, we wish to thank you sincerely for your contributions through this and other platforms, and share with you the wonderful progress that your kindness has supported to this point.  

    In March of this year, Anika began convalescing at the home of a friend.  Thanks to your generosity, she was afforded six (6) hours of nursing care a day for about four months consistently; along with the purchase of critical equipment and supplies needed to support that care including meals, medical and care supplies and even a suction machine for her tracheostomy tube.  

    Over that period, our sister who was discharged from the hospital with a diagnosis of “no significant brain activity”, regained her ability to eat and eliminate without the use of tubes.  Additionally, she began to communicate by mouthing words, as well as through the use of her limbs.

    As of today, she can sound words (by isolating the tracheostomy tubing), hold a bottle to feed herself water and even support herself a little bit in a sitting position.  But more miraculous than the recovery of these physical abilities, has been her unfailing positivity and her demonstrative strength on this journey to wellness.  

    In September of this year, Anika joined her husband and their kids at her in-laws home, which is where they have resided since the unfortunate events of October 2019.  

    For 2021, the family’s goal is to complete much needed retrofitting works to their home in Cumuto,  that would allow them return to that location and under conditions conducive to Anika’s continued recovery, and the overall healing of the entire family.  Towards this end, we have set a modest target of $10,000 that will take care of some necessary prearrangements towards this move!!!  

    We hope that you can continue to support this worthy cause.  Any assistance is welcomed and all assistance is needed.  Blessings!


Daly Family Accident Recovery

by Hakeemah Abdul Latif
Created Jan 13, 2020 | Trinidad and Tobago
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