My name is Danielle Scott I am a loving wife, mother, sister, sister in law, daughter,niece, cousin and friend :) I am 35 years old.
On September 20th 2021 while having a "mom shower" (no shaving or washing hair a quick in and out ) I felt a lump on my right breast. It felt like quarter of a marble. Just as hard and round. I immediately sent a message to my gp who examined me and sent me for further testing.
Ultra sounds, mammogram and MRI were done.
And on October 20th 2021 it was confirmed that I have breast cancer.
We were heartbroken,scared and shocked!
We proceeded to do a biopsy to make sure and met with a breast surgeon to discuss our options. The biopsy came back as
Tripple negative Stage 3 aggresive Carcinoma breast cancer.

I am also a type 1 diabetic for the last 23 years. I do my best to monitor my diabetes and live a healthy life. I take 6 injections daily with my meals as my body doesnt produce insulin. My 9 year old son and husband are extremely supportive and we try to eat well together.
This diagnosis hit my family and friends hard.
I have done ultra sounds,
A mamogram
CT scan
A biopsy
genetic testing
Echocardiogram and
Put a marker into the tumor .
It has been a whirlwind and I still have to
Put in a port surgically to receive chemo so that my veins dont collapse.
Do Chemotherapy
Have Surgery and
Radiation as well as
More genetic testing to see if the cancer has a mutative gene (10%chance)
I need to meet with an endocrinologist to see how this is going to affect my diabetes and body.
My Chemo starts next week and has to be intense as it's an aggressive cancer. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

The surgery after chemo is to remove all lymph nodes as well as the original lump on my right breast.
If the genetic testing comes back positive for a mutation I have to remove both breasts and talk to my doctors about the next steps.
Its still very early in my diagnosis and yet it's been so insanely busy and extremely expensive and sometimes quite overwhelming.
My motto is one day at a time and when that is too much one thing at a time.
I do not want to be wasting my life in self pity (i have had some good hard ugly cries ) but i want to live one day at a time the best way that I can. So I'm going to fight this one step at a time .

My husband and son have been loving and supportive and extremely positive and I am grateful for them. They keep me grounded and remind me to slow down if I'm letting my brain get ahead of me.
My friends have become even closer than before they are my sisters.
My family have been only loving and supportive and positive sending food constantly and offering to help in anyway possible.
I'm grateful that I found this cancer early.
I am grateful that I have amazing, calm intelligent, professional doctors.

#onlypositivevibes #imcomingoutalive #thisisjustanotherchapter #wewillgetthroughthistogether #fighthard #beatthis

And so we continue along the journey with hope and faith and trust that this is going to make me a better person and I will survive!

Thank you so much for reading my story and helping in any way that you can. My family and I are eternally grateful for your support.
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    Hello Danielle, sending our prayers from Canada.

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    Thinking of you, stay the strong beautiful spark you are! You can do this

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    Thinking of you.

  • Lisa Streeter
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    Danielle, So sad to hear this. Love the bravery, stay strong. If you ever want to chat ping me a message, we’ve been through this fight before. Lots of love Lisa Rampersad

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  • This picture was taken right after my surgery.
    It was for port removal, lumpectomy and lymph node removal for testing.
    I Tried sending 2 updates prior to this and for some reason they were deleted I am sorry they were quite long and detailed.
    They were both updating where I was at in this journey and I was expressing gratitude for every single person who has helped me along this journey. Some I do not even know i am so touched at the outpouring of support i am getting i am so grateful? .
    I wouldn't be where I am today without you all. Thank you thank you thank you.
    My surgery was done 2 weeks ago.
    Everything went very smoothly and the doctors were very happy .
    I just got results saying that the pathology report stated that no cancer was left in the tumor or lymph nodes!!!! I cried for 5 hours in total relief and gratitude for this miracle. The prayers continue. Alot of gratitude prayers now as well and for those still suffering and going through this very difficult life changing journey in its different forms.
    My next step is radiation.
    This week I am to meet with the oncologist, radiation oncologist and surgeon to discuss the next steps in further details.
    My radiation plan is supposed to be everyday for 30 days straight. Details have not been confirmed as yet.
    I will update as I know.
    I am wishing you all health, strength and love as we move into another week.
    May God bless you all


Danielle's breast cancer

by Danielle Scott
Created Nov 11, 2021 | Trinidad
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