Hello my name is Lee van Solomon
I am a 35-year old male who has been active throughout the fitness world in Trinidad and Tobago. As a fitness instructor, I worked at Hyperactive Fitness Club, located at Food Basket Arima. I was also a tour guide with Trailtrekkers tt traversing the inner parts of the island.
Here’s my story:
October 2022 I voluntarily donated blood at the Blood Bank in Mt. Hope. From that date to January 2023, I experience no issues, however during the month of January while at my barber, I started to feel lightheaded. I could not get off the chair and sat quite a while to regain my composure.
During early February I observed that, on mornings, I would wake up with my mouth full of blood and blood clots. This occurred for several and within a short while, a ten minute-walk took me 35 to 40 minutes.
On March 7, 2023, I entered Dr Eric Williams Hospital at Mt Hope where I was warded for three months and five days. The doctors diagnosed me with Aplastic Anemia (aka bone marrow aplasia). This is a rare disease condition in which the bone marrow does not produce an adequate number of new blood cells. This causes tiredness, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, unexplained bruising, nose bleeds, headache and fever.
Urgent medical attention is usually recommended in severe cases by healthcare providers.
I therefore require a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT. This procedure/operation is not performed in Trinidad and Tobago. In the meantime, I’ve been receiving blood, Cyclosporine tablets, and a Rabbit Atg. While this medication eases the pain, I still suffer with severe headaches, blurry vision, and an accelerated heart rate.
The procedure/operation costs $1M. I am kindly asking for your assistance with raising the funds required. More so, I am anxious to get my life back to some sort of normalcy whereby I can do the things that I love. Every little bit (donation) helps and is appreciated. May the good Lord bless you and your family and thank you so much. Love you guys!
  • Catherine Arne
    Catherine Arne donated $169

    I really hope you get well! All blessings to you and know that you have unseen and unknown supporters all around lifting you up.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675
  • Giedre
    Giedre donated $169
  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones donated $338

    Thinking of you Leevan. Hang in there!

  • An Aunty
    An Aunty donated $338

    Blessings and success in this fundraiser

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LeeVan's Bone Marrow Transplant

by Lee Van Solomon
Created Nov 02, 2023 | Port of Spain, Trinidad
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