I begin in the name of God, the most beneficial, the most merciful.

I am kindly seeking medcial assistance from anyone who may be able to help me. During the pandemic, I started to go blind in both my eyes. I have the opportunity to save one eye and retain partial sight through surgery. I am diabetic, and it has reached a stage where the nerves to the back of my eyes are detaching and tearing apart causing bleeding to the back of the eyes, retina detachment and the eventaul permanent blindness. I was scheduled for public health surgery over one (1) year and some months ago, and each time it was cancelled. Now my eyes have gotten worse. I recieved laser eye treatment June 2022 at the public hospital, and upon medical review it was confirmed that the laser treatment had done more damages to my eyes than expected. I am in dire need of this surgery to save my eyes from going completely blind. I was told recently that the Eye Surgical Doctor for the public hospital have returned to his/her respective country and that the hospital is not certain when they will be able to get another doctor. As you can imagine, I have been waiting the past year and some, for a surgery, there is a waiting lists, therefore this waiting list will be extended even more due to the lack of the requird doctor. To top that off, in July 2022, I had two strokes in the space of two weeks.

My eldes son, tried his best,. He paid for private doctors, medical expenses and monthly expenses that he could afford. He had to drop his final year as a Law student at University of the West Indies (UWI) to be at home to support, and it seems he cannot resume because he is stuck at home assisting me; it's been two years now. We have reached our limit. Our HDC rent, electricity bill and grocceries, he took the responsibility for. Now all his funds are depleated and we are unsure of our options. He tried to get me assistance through Social Services, and after all the run around that they gave him to get proof of the medical situation, it was unsuccessful. Nevertheless we remain steadfast in faith, that all will be well.

I have been reviewed by private doctors and accquired the cost of surgery for one eye, which the cheapest estimates at approximately TTD27,000.00 per eye. As mentioned, I was informed by the doctors that it is possible to retain parital vision via surgery on one eye, and that I will lose my sight on the other. The process have begun, and now I am assisted to go places and to walk around the neighborhood. I see black spots, signs of my sight growing weaker. If I do not get the recommended surgery, I will lose sight completely in both eyes. My family and I cannot afford the medical bills and other monthly recurring bills. Currently, my medical expenses are:
Echo Test (Medical)- TTD800.00
Eye Injections (Medical)- TTD1,600.00
Eye surgery (Medical)- TTD27,000.00 per eye

I am seeking the assistance from anyone who may be able to help. The eye surgery is of more importance to me, and as such it is the only assistance I am requesting. Please help me to pay for my eye surgery.

I will like to thank each and everyone of you for your contributions and support, and may God return the favor ten fold!

Thank You!
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    May God bless you, strengthen you and restore your vision, Amen!

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Eye Surgery needed- 55years old and going blind

by Rajpatee Gopichan-Charles
Created Aug 29, 2022 | Trinidad
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