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Help Mikey As He Grows Up!

On November 2nd, 2015, a baby angel, named Michael struggled and fought his way into our world.
After a very traumatic delivery that almost claimed his life and his mummy’s life, Michael (we fondly call him “Mikey”), suffered extensive injury to his brain and on Day 2 of his life, his seizures began….

From 2018-2019, we flew Mikey out to the States to receive specialized Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and also to re-evaluate his medication as nothing available locally was helping. We had exhausted all options. The issue was that Mikey had developed a rare seizure type that continues to evolve as he grows and renders his condition difficult to treat. Altered medication allowed better seizure control and the Hyperbaric Oxygen significantly improved his level of alertness and subsequent interaction with others. Yay!

Unfortunately, the birth injury to his brain is so severe that he has been diagnosed with the worst-case scenario of Cerebral Palsy – Category 5. This means that the specialists believe that Mikey would never walk; talk or be capable of any independent activity at all.

At 7 years old, Mikey cannot hold his head up and cannot sit up unassisted. He is 100% dependent on our assistance for all his activities. Needless to say, as he is a growing boy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to lift and physically support him. We need specialized equipment to assist us in this manner.

Despite aggressive and regular Physical Therapy, as Mikey grows, his bone formation is becoming affected ~ especially noticeable in his legs, feet, hips and spine.

We need to fly him out again to have him evaluated and properly fitted for customized equipment to align his bones. Surgery will also have to be performed.

Hence the reason for this fundraiser.

We are seeking your assistance in anyway you can: Donate, Encourage friends to give; Share this post through FaceBook and WhatsApp…Share, share far and wide…and most importantly, Pray.

If you wish to give in TT Dollars: You can donate online/credit card OR if you prefer to donate in person at the bank, information for any type of transaction is provided below:

NAME : Marissa Naidoo OR Jason Jagdeo

BANK : Republic Bank, VALPARK

ACCOUNT #: 2600 1673 4031

If you wish to give in US Dollars: We are in the process of opening a GoFundMe for Mikey … We will include the link as the set up is complete.
  • Glen Badai
    Glen Badai donated $101
  • Lisa
    Lisa donated $1,350
  • Shehenaz Mohammed
    Shehenaz Mohammed donated $1,013

    Sending love and hope to Jason, Marrisa and Mikey!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $506
  • Camille Ragoonath
    Camille Ragoonath donated $506
  • Khamatee Thomas
    Khamatee Thomas donated $338

    Mikey is in my prayers🙏🏽

  • Neela and Darren
    Neela and Darren donated $1,013
  • Leyya ali
    Leyya ali donated $338
  • Anushka & Robert
    Anushka & Robert donated $675

    Sending you all love and prayers for healing ❤️

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $169

    I hope this could help somewhat. Best of luck to Mikey and your family

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Help Mikey As He Grows Up!

by Marissa Naidoo-Jagdeo
Created Jun 11, 2023 | Trinidad
$24,962 raised of $470,000 goal 5%
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