This campain is about the life of my mom. The only person that is there for me, the one that i can call on.

My has always been there for everyone in the family altho they dont treat her right, she will always be there. She has always taken care of the sick and the older people . She has always been there and continue to be there when there own children not helping she would be helping. She is truly the person that you can count on . Shes kind hearted and always try. People tries and some of them even take advandage on her because of her kindness and soft heart. When two of her aunt got stoke and couldnt move, all of the children even left her there. , my mom would of gone.

She cooks and help take care of a retarterad boy because he got noone. His own family doesnt even helpbut my mom do. Everyday morning , night she makes sure he got something to eat .
She carries him to doctor and tries everything she can to help him because there isnt anybody that cares.

She goes out of her way to guide us and make sure that we are ok and keep in the right part. She even Teaches sunday school and like to give books, bags clothes to the more lesser privilege communitity.

Today my mom needs tour help. Help her get back on her feet so she can live and continue the good work that she is doing.

After falling ill twice with covid, she started trying to eat healthier, she even tries letting go of the stuff that she does. Late at night if someone got sick , you can always count on her to be at your side. A lot of people can say this about her.

My mom now is getting chest pains and short breaths. She even gets very very cold while the place is warm. She always sleepway on herself because of the tiredness and stress that shes under .

Please help gave my mom a fighting chance. Help my mom in her need now of $50000 . By helping my mom amd providing for her , you are not just helping one but you are helping many. Helpy mom run medical test and treatment to get back on her fete.

Please Help her . By your grace in helping my mom, you are not just helping my mom, but you are helping the enire family.

please help my mom. If there is any contribution direct to the account provided, i will update this campaign. 

Please do know you are writing your names in our life story, and your good deeds will never go unforgotton. 
Remember that durning thus darkest time in our lifes your kindness is giving us a ray of hope.

For further contribution, 
Republic Bank , 
Account name : Daniel Jaggernauth
Account number:  470033641231
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Help my mom beat cancer

by Christhoper Persad
Created Apr 12, 2024 | Mayaro
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