Greetings Everyone,

I am Peter Rojas and I'm making an urgent appeal for funds on behalf of my wife Nathalia Rojas.
Nathalia has been diagnosed with Stomach Tumors and is in dire need of Emergency Stomach Surgery. These tumors have and continue to cause unimaginable pain. It's so severe that she literally does not sleep at times for days on end, but if she does, it's only for a few uneasy hours.

Apart from the agonizing pain, she's constantly vomiting, as anything she eats does not settle for very long, or even not at all. Additionally, she also experiences excessive bleeding lasting for weeks. This has resulted in her blood count being persistently low, even reaching to a count of 2 on several occasions.

My wife faces other daily agonies. She takes doses of Injectable Pain Killers which at the skin is extremely sensitive to the touch.

As each day passes Nathalia’s condition is deteriorating. She is in dire need of surgery. St. Clair Medical Centre has agreed to perform the surgery. The targeted amount is TT$120,000.00. This includes the costs for: her room, the operating theatre, the anesthesiologist, the operating team, medical supplies needed for pre and post operating care, and any other cost that may arise in the event of any unforeseen circumstance or emergency.

It is our faith in God and His grace that has kept my wife up to this day. As her husband, it is heart-wrenching to see my wife suffer like this daily.

On her behalf and mine, we are asking for your contribution towards reaching our target so that Nathalia can have surgery which is desperately needed. Contributions can be made to this FundMeTnT account or to the following Trinidad and Tobago Bank Account:

Name: Nathalia Lee
Bank: Republic Bank
Account Number: 3400 1851 0231
Account Type: Savings

Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated.

Our heartfelt thank you in advance and God’s blessing to you.
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Help Nathalia Remove Life Threatening Stomach Tumors

by Peter Rojas
Created Jun 26, 2021 | Trinidad
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