Hi, my name is Jiselle Jaggernauth. I'm 38 years old and I've been diagnosed with stage 3B cervical Cancer. Since 2020 I've visited the San Fernando general hospital more than 5 times for abdominal pain and urinary tract infection. I was told I had a very small fibroid and it could not be removed because it was too small. Because of Covid 19 restrictions I was contacted via phone and told to not keep my clinic date to avoid contracting Covid. So my appointment with the gynecological clinic in the teaching hospital kept being pushed back first by one month, then two and then by three months in July. But I was becoming very sick and only ibuprofen worked. Unable to run my business I was forced to seek help from the government who after 3 months approved a $1300.00 monthly welfare assistance and a food card valued at $510.00 So I now receive $1810.00. Because I'm doing a family indemnity plan with Scotia bank I save $250.00 per month, leaving me with $1560.00. I'm now forced to wear Pampers and they are not cheap. It's never enough and I'm forced to beg friends and ex coworkers sometimes for assistance. I need to know why I was treated sooner, possibly avoiding all this pain. Having trusted my doctors and began chemotherapy treatment, I was alarmed to find that my body rejected treatment twice. I was also told by doctors and my assigned counselor nurse Sue Ann, to eat everything and don't alter my diet. I later realized this was a bad idea and lost faith in their treatment and medical advice. I'm now seeking a second opinion from my private doctor and because of my limited income, need assistance paying for private care, which seems to be the only way in this country, to get proper medical care. Please assist me with this.
Respectfully submitted
Jiselle P. R Jaggernauth
: Bank account number is 003612738.
: Address: #56 Lower Piparo road, Williamsville, Trinidad and Tobago.
: Phone number 18683623498
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Help pay medical and food bills

by Jiselle P. R Jaggernauth
Created Feb 03, 2022 | Piparo
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