Cynthia Vasquez, a 69-year-old, wife, mother and grandmother, is battling excruciating pain throughout her entire body and may completely lose the ability to walk.

A few years ago, Cynthia was an active family woman, someone who was cheerful, prayerful and brought joy to anyone who was around her. Even during previous life hardships, she would always be encouraging and was always in service of others.

Now her life has been reduced to daily chronic pain with a combination of traumatic discomfort in the back, burning sensations from her hips to her legs, numbness in her feet, dizziness, loss of balance, constant pins and needle sensations on her legs, muscle spasms, cramping and weakness in the legs and knees.

The pain is caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal that is causing the spinal cord to be crushed, squeezing the nerve roots in the process and causing discs to bulge and pinched nerves. At this stage, they are no longer any non-surgery options.

After many years of pain and several tests, Cynthia was finally diagnosed with two conditions:
  1. Critical Spinal Cord compression at the neck. She requires a C4 – C7 anterior cervical decompression fusion and plating, costing TTD $134,650.00 or USD$19,300.0
  2. Severe Lumber Spinal Canal compression, this requires L4 – L5 posterior lumber laminectomy and fusion using pedicle screws, rods and inter body cage, costing TTD$151,650.00 or USD$21,700.00
The public hospital clinic was supposed to transfer her to the neurology clinic, however, no contact has been received from the public hospital neurology unit yet. Thus, we are not sure when surgery via the public hospital can or will be facilitated. Moreover, due to the pandemic, all non-essential surgeries have been canceled at the public hospitals. Each day she goes on without urgent surgical intervention, her conditions worsen, and thus private medical assistance is her only option.

Cynthia’s struggle is magnified by the fact that she’s now unable to take care of her ailing 77-year old husband, Errol, who has significant multiple and deteriorating health conditions.

Please help Cynthia recover from her daily pain and distress so that she can live a comfortable and peaceful life.

Cynthia is kindly seeking TTD$330,000.00 or USD$47,200.00 for the two surgeries, inclusive of the GoFundMe platform fee.

Donations can also be made to:
Bank Name: Republic Bank ,Trinidad and Tobago
Account Type: Savings
Account No: 150436125131
Account Name: Errol and Cynthia Vasquez

Anyone wishing to assist can also contact 1-868-701-4887 or via email

Thank you in advance for your generous donations.
  • Sally Achong
    Sally Achong donated $3,375

    Praying for a miracle for a woman who deserves it . Love you auntie..

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $405

    Get well soon

  • Warren
    Warren donated $135

    Stay strong bro! Praying for full recovery and that you reach your target

  • Dervedia M Thomas
    Dervedia M Thomas donated $338
  • Keegan Boodoo
    Keegan Boodoo donated $675


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Help this Mother and Grandmother Avoid Paralysis

by Cynthia Vasquez
Created Mar 06, 2022 | Trinidad
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