Hi everyone,

Some of you know that I recently and unexpectedly had to deal with a medical problem, and unfortunately I need some assistance.

A Problem Many Women Face
At the beginning of this year I began to experience some alarming symptoms. Some years ago, I was diagnosed with fibroids, benign tumours which many women have. Some women do not experience any symptoms from them, but unfortunately this was not the case with me. Over the years I have dealt with heavy periods, pain and bloating, but the new symptoms were more serious - scary and excessive bleeding- something more than what had ever happened before. We worried that something was very wrong.

I visited my doctor with apprehension, and she sent me for tests. The results were inconclusive, but it was clear that there was a mass appearing on my MRI scan which could be an overgrown fibroid or something malignant. My doctor referred me to a specialist who thinks most likely this is a troublesome, symptomatic fibroid which can cause more complications if left alone. Only a surgery will confirm if it is not something malignant.The specialist advised I do something about the problem sooner rather than later. He advised that I get a hysterectomy to prevent further issues. This procedure should end my recurring fibroid problems for good, ensure nothing more serious is lurking which needs to be treated (this can only be determined for certain after the operation) and to improve my quality of life.

A Difficult Obstacle To Overcome
If this sounds like a tall order, you are right. I’m self-employed. I have been working for years to build up my own business. I pay my own bills and help my family with expenses as I have done since I finished school, but the cost of surgery here is high and will have a devastating impact on what money I have saved for family emergencies. I already spent a considerable amount to remove some of my fibroids some years ago but more have grown back. Now I must find a way to fund this surgery which costs $56,000 TT or $8,400USD for the whole process which includes a hospital stay.

Breakdown of costs
Operating Fee.....................................................$18,000.00TT
Surgeon's Fee.....................................................$25,000.00TT
Histology Fee.......................................................$4,000.00TT

To prevent just this sort of financial issue, I made sure to get insurance a long time ago. I never wanted to have to burden anyone else with my medical expenses, but to my disappointment, my problem is classified as a pre-existing condition by my insurance company. Despite an appeal to them, they cannot assist. Surgery in the local public sector here could mean a very long wait especially during the pandemic when many procedures have been delayed.

Meeting the costs would make a dent in my limited savings which I cannot recover from easily. I am the sole worker for my freelance writing business. I can work from home a fair amount, and I have some part-time work, but I have to plan for my ability to earn a living to be hampered while I recover for 4-6 weeks. I cannot count on an income for awhile. Freelance work means that it is not guaranteed that I will have regular work even after my recovery is over.

I would really appreciate any assistance I can get to get to pay for this surgery and help me get past this unexpected and disheartening expense and finally get relief from this stressful condition. With your help, I hope to make a full recovery and come back stronger than ever.

If you would rather donate money directly to my bank in Trinidad and Tobago, you can send it to 104054005826 (Savings) Soctiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited, Cor Park and Pembroke Streets, Port-of-Spain. Please e-mail me at, so I know you are sending funds that way.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can give,
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    Love you, Dixie-Ann! ❤️

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    God speed Dixie-Ann. Wishing you the best

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    Praying for a successful surgery

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    Praying for you!

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    Hope you will be well. Wishing you strength and much more positive thoughts.

  • Dear all,

    My procedure will be in about a week, and I felt compelled to post another update. I wanted to thank everyone again; everyone who has shared my call for aid; everyone who has reached out to me to offer support and prayers; everyone who has given so kindly and so generously.

    This donation campaign will run for several days more, so please continue to share with anyone you think might want to help. I appreciate all help with all my heart.



Hysterectomy Help - Dixie-Ann Belle

by Dixie-Ann Belle
Created Jun 25, 2021 | Trinidad and Tobago
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