Hi, my name is Stephen and was diagnosed with ITP (low platelets) in October last year. I'm now a patient at the Sangre Grande clinic undergoing care.
Now there are treatments available to people suffering with my condition, but many doctors I've spoken to, (Dr.Caplideo) or sought advice from have made it clear that they have been reaching out to the ministry to increase the treatments/medications available to local patients, but to no avail. I have already taken the full courses of Rituximab (which didn't work) and I'm now on Cellcept (which so far hasn't worked.)
Thing is, there are treatments that might be out of my financial reach, but there are other treatments/medications that are relatively similar price wise that could help people suffering with me condition but are not available for some reason? Also, the very last recommendation from doctors for my condition is to remove my spleen, (which most patients reject doing) but this is not guaranteed to work and will leave me PERMANENTLY immune suppressed. Now, there is a test I can do to determine whether the splenectomy will work, but even THAT is not available locally, so you see the various problems facing people like myself.

Financial help for ongoing tests for undelying causes.
Possible trip to Canada for test to verify if a splenectomy will be successful (not available locally.)
Financial help for treatments that are out of my reach financially.
I'm also reaching out to the ministry to make more treatments available locally.
I'm embarrassed that I have to ask for help, but have no other options. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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ITP patient needing treatment

by Stephen Villafana
Created Sep 26, 2022 | Sangre Grande
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