My journey to being cancer FREE!!!!
I have been battling breast cancer for the past few months.
I have recently completed 16 cycles of chemo and I am about to undergo surgery for a mastectomy and removal or 2 lymph nodes.
It has been a tough road, but by God's grace I will continue to survive and triumph over this.
However, I do need to have another petscan to ensure the cancer is still localised before surgery.
The petscan however I do have to pay for at a cost of $12,000.
I am asking for any assistance that can be afforded to help me pay for the scan within the next 3 weeks. It is necessary for me to get this done before surgery and I have a small window in which to get it done, so any help will be much appreciated. Every little bit helps!!
I do appreciate all the love, prayers and support thus far and thank you all so much for sticking with me.
If you prefer to contribute directly to my account you can do so here:
Sade Kimberly J Weekes
Thank you so much in advance for your help and continued support.
Let's beat this!!
  • NatashaC
    NatashaC donated $203

    May the blood of Jesus continuously be upon you and that you be healed expeditiously in his name.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $203
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $135
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $135

    All the best.

  • Rae-Anne Friday
    Rae-Anne Friday donated $115
  • Stacey Douglas
    Stacey Douglas donated $338

    God has you

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $338
  • Marcia Edwards Sealey
    Marcia Edwards Sealey donated $1,350
  • Amanda
    Amanda donated $405

    Keep the faith my dear. God is good.

  • Vishala
    Vishala donated $68
  • Hi guys!!!!
    Through all of your donations so far to this gofundme and my personal account I have reached the goal to pay for my petscan and my 1st of two appointments have been made.
    I would like however to keep it open until the set date to help with expenses during and after surgery.
    So please continue to give if you can.
    Like a I said a small bit goes a long way and you have proven that.
    Some of you were having problems with the fund me so here's my acct info:
    FCB (savings)
    Sade Kimberly J Weekes

    I am so grateful to you all for ur support.
    May God richly and abundantly bless you!! ❤️ ❤️


Join my road to victory against cancer!!

by Sade Weekes
Created Oct 09, 2020 | Corinth Hill, Ste Madeline, Trinidad & Tobago
$7,506 raised of $12,000 goal 63%
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