Its new, its revolutinary,
A ground breaking musical experience
All the seasoned calypso tents under one roof
its the WACK 90.1fm Kalypso Kolisseum
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays;
See the best of tents - Kaiso showcase, Kaiso House, Tobago Masters and Calypso Revue.
Also introducing Beyond the Borders Calypso Krew, an international Calypso Tent
and many more to come....

Divas Calypso Cabaret returns
This time acts like Kadija Jeremiah, Natty Royal, Stacey Sobers, Raeann Guerra, Helen Jones and Anastacia Richardson hosted by MC Jillian Smith.
Log on to all WACK 90.1 fm Visual Radio platforms
on Friday 25th February, 2022 from 7 pm
Donations welcome at
“Ent yuh love yuh kaiso “
  • Maurin Lovell
    Maurin Lovell donated $135

    Blessings to Kadija, I think she is super. Thank you WACK for all you do.

  • Annmarie Matthew
    Annmarie Matthew donated $68

    Kadija is boss,.. Keep it up Kenny

  • Linda Roberts
    Linda Roberts donated $68
  • Marcos Acosta
    Marcos Acosta donated $135

    Amazing Performances. Really enjoying the show.

  • SHARON GEORGE (Southtrini)
    SHARON GEORGE (Southtrini) donated $169

    We are Kulture Krazy - A great show

  • Mavis Hickson
    Mavis Hickson donated $675

    This is for an enjoyable show and a wonderful MC Jillian. No strings attached!!! Kenny - read this message for Dancer Boy.

    JENNIFER BROWNE donated $34
  • Ovid Alexis
    Ovid Alexis donated $68

    Keep it coming We are listening. Thanks for the music. It's not over until it's over. And this culture is forever, so it char done

  • Julien Cross
    Julien Cross donated $675

    Loving my Trini ladies. Great job gals!

  • Pompano
    Pompano donated $135
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Kalypso Kolisseum ft Divas Calypso Cabaret Again!!

by Kenny Phillips
Created Feb 20, 2022 | WACK 90.1fm, Trinidad & Tobago
$4,786 raised of $15,000 goal 32%
  • 42 Donations
  • No deadline
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