Hi everyone

My name is Khaleem Zidane Mohammed and I am nine years old. My 8th birthday was on 8 October. I was in the hospital for the entire month before and the doctors said if my fever didn't go down I would have to spend my birthday there...I prayed to god and he let me get better to go home and spend my birthday with my family.
I am praying again to God to send his angels to help me get the funds to get my surgery done so I can become a doctor and help all the sick children at the hospital where I have had to stay for months since my diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia last March.
I have done the treatments which included chemo and other forms of medicines but the cancer has not left my body. I lost my hair and a lot of weight, I don't look like I used to before, I don't eat because I don't have any appetite, and when I do feel to eat something I can't because it's bad for me.
I have not been able to attend my online classes because I am either in hospital or feeling very sick at home and I can't sit to concentrate for long periods.
Will you all help me to get better. I want to get my bone marrow surgery and be able to stop feeling sick and achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

Yours truly
Khaleem Zidane Mohammed
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    I pray you get healed in Jesus name.

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    May Allah grant you shifaa and a bright future. Ameen

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    I know it's not much but hoping it can contribute in some way.

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    May Allah SWT give you complete Shifa....Aameen

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Khaleem Zidane Mohammed

by narisha subhan sahadeo
Created Feb 16, 2021 | Trinidad
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