My name is Anika, I’m a mother and wife to my beautiful family. I am also an avid reader of books. I am very passionate about animals; so much so, I became a veterinarian and find fulfilment in my life when I see my sick patients healed, or my senior patients become like young puppies and kittens again. I enjoy family time tremendously with my husband and son; going on hikes together, beach hoping, kayaking, playing board games and riding bikes together. I was under a lot of stress during the covid period, as was everyone else, but my health started to decline in that 2 – 3-year period. After a litany of tests, I have been finally diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and a benign colloid nodular cyst of my left thyroid. God has been my strength and peace of mind throughout life’s challenges. I am encouraged daily by God’s promises that he will never leave me nor forsake me and that he will always provide. It has been my mantra through the hills and valleys of my life. This is why I am able to face this new challenge with confidence and grace.

Although my thyroid enlargement is a benign cystic nodular growth the doctors have come to the decision that it will need to be removed due to new symptoms that have developed over the past 2 years. These symptoms have reduced my quality of life. My left thyroid lobe has grown significantly in size and is now causing a compressive effect on my trachea in that region, my symptoms include feeling as though something is irritating my throat when I swallow, and difficulty breathing when swimming. One/some of my parathyroid glands is/are also hyperactive as I’ve been recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism; therefore, the offending parathyroid gland must also be identified, removed and tested for cancer. Symptoms of my hyperparathyroidism include heart palpitations, unexplained intermittent bone and joint pains, muscle weakness and fatigue at times, sometimes having to get up more than once at night to urinate. I anxiously look forward to experiencing normalcy in my life once again and just being able to enjoy time with my son and husband.
I have created this campaign to cover the cost for my remaining diagnostic procedures and my medical procedures, the medical procedures should be done at the end of February 2024, but I have extended the campaign period to cover expences incured during my recovery time. The campaign goal is quoted in Trinidadian dollars ($TT).
Anyone who knows me, knows, that I have never been one to continually complain or ask for help, as I would not wish to be a burden to others, so I am truly humbled by this experience and I am grateful to all my friends, family and well-wishers for your financial support at this time. I have opened up my heart to you and hope that my testimony will be of encouragement to someone else who might be facing similar challenges.
With humility and love,
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    Wishing you peace and comfort during your treatment and recovery.

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    Wishing you a successful recovery

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    Get well soon my friend

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    I pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! 🫶

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    Wishing you the very best.

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    Praying God's healing for you

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My quest for a Breath of Renewed Life

by Anika Lewis-Springer
Created Jan 09, 2024 | Caribbean Island of Trinidad
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