Hey everyone
I have created this go fund me account to help my friend Nikita Harrikissoon who has been bravely battling with her chronic illness for some time.
Any gratitudes extended to her would be greatly appreciated .
This is her story :
Hi my name is Nikita Harrikissoon . I am 35 years of age and I have been diagnosed with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease and renal failure .
I have bilateral stents in both kidneys currently that have been in since November.
I am diabetic , pcos, severly anemic with renal calculi in both kidneys and a rare case of klebsiella bacteria.
In May to August of 2021 I had several renal surgeries and procedures done at St Augustine Private but was eventually referred to Mt Hope because of the severity of my disease.
The bacteria has infected the kidneys so badly that the kidneys have now failed and I am at a high risk of becoming septic because of its severity.
My options are dialysis or a transplant.
My case is complicated in that because of the infection and stones any procedure done puts me at a high risk for blood poisoning and also if a new kidney is transplanted the bacteria could infect it also causing it to fail as well .
However both are costly and the waiting list for a donor can take years .
I am currently on a very long waiting list to have my stents changed and laser litoptripsy.
My stents are in 5 months now and because of my conditions the longer they stay in the more at risk I am of becoming severly sick and infected .
I have also become anti biotic resistant to most antibiotics and the iv regime that I have to use if infected is very costly.
I am seeking help so that I may at least have the stents changed and or laser done.
I am excrutiating crippling pain all the time.
I am the mother of a brilliant 14 year old who attends Naparima College and my only wish is that I am live long enough to see him graduate.
Any gratitudes extended to me would be truly appreciated.
I have trusted God for healing .
However if its not his will that I not be healed I hope my story may inspire someone to keep fighting and not give up.
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    Praying for your recovery hun!! Heavenly Father please heal Nikki and keep her safe! Lord we ask that you wash away her sickness with your holy blood!

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