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I’m MATTHEW PARRIS, a proud son of TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, the southernmost part of our ONE CARIBBEAN nation. I need your kind support to complete my PhD in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SECURITY SYSTEMS at a British University. It is a highly advanced, technical area of study that would help to ensure the security of our islands and our people and, in a way that’s in step with the rest of the world. The Caribbean cannot afford to be left behind. I’ve always wanted to be part of our solution and never the problem. There are only a handful of us in this area and we are all determined to seek the security interests of our own island and our region.

I am well on my way, but it has been tough. COVID made it even tougher. It became impossible, as a foreign student, to find sustainable work-study employment; impossible to meet my fee payments and, at times, impossible to eat. I must urgently raise the required funds for ongoing tuition already past due date], transport to the university and the minimal living expenses in London, England. The goal is TT$250,000. If I can meet all or most of the tuition and living finances, I will receive my PhD degree in May 2023 in ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AUTOMATED RECOGNITION OF SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES’.

I am IN DEBT TO THE UNIVERSITY of BUCKINGHAM for the remaining tuition remuneration, which is past due, as it covers the rest of the program through 2023. I am grateful to the University which, based on the RECOGNIZED NEED for my A.I. Solution, gave me a grant of a 40% reduction in tuition.

For the past 18 months, in an attempt to manage expensive transport costs, I walk 1 hour, sometimes 2, to and from my home to pick up the train that would take me to the university at the furthest possible station, just to reduce the cost of the fare. My hope is to move to an area close to the University, so that I can avoid all future transportation costs when I have to meet with lecturers, attend seminars as well as various other sessions. A basic room at the University for the year costs approximately £7,000.

My back story emphasizes my economical challenge and, unfortunately, my hard-working family members can now only contribute emotional positive support, as I’ve depleted all of their funding reserves. As I speak of my family, some of you may have known my grandmother, the deceased Spiritual Baptist Archbishop Monica Randoo.

I have self-propelled to this point (18 months into the degree). With your thoughtfulness and financial consideration, I would be able to complete this highly relevant program.

Yes, it has been tough, but there have been highlights on the way. Let me share with you that I was presented with an acknowledgement token in the first 3 months of my study for obtaining on of the highest grades in the development of an A.I. Simulation. This, I hope, speaks to my dedication and worthiness to complete this course with your kind assistance.

I am so grateful and thankful for life and for this opportunity to make a world of difference.

Thank you sincerely for your support,

[Matthew Parris]
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    God's blessings to you, Matthew Parris. Your work is extremely important. Do not give up. This too shall pass. Sending you positive vibrations.

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    God Bless You, Matthew

  • Anonymous
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    Don't give up Matthew!! You'll be a great asset to our region.

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