Just over the last six months. I've gone from promising runway model to fighting for my life. Many of you have supported me on the journey to the international runways. Now I need you all to rally and support me where it really does matter. I can't fight alone anymore. Social media can help you or it can hurt you. I hope you all will be able to show me the better part of it.

Things have gotten so bad with my health, if my family and I don't get any help soon, I may not be around much longer. This is the hard reality. No more modeling, no more foodie obsessions, no more silly Shally. I'm fighting as HARD as I can but I NEED your help. If there was any other way I wouldn’t go public with any of this information. We are in need of Volunteer caretakers, financial contributions toward medical treatments, supplements, fresh produce. An EXTREMELY high nutrient dense diet is what can aid in saving my life.

Things have become urgent and I must admit to you. I'm very scared. Most of you by now know that I’ve suffered from Crohn's disease since I was a teen. Through it though I was able to live life still experience things I only dreamed of growing up as a child. But today I'm fighting a new battle caused by this disease due to an emergency surgery 1 year ago. Malabsorption syndrome. In my case it's no easy quick fix. Without nutrients my body is slowly failing. My body is swollen. Possibly 20lbs of fluid retention, my skin is bruising and tearing, my muscles have melted away making walking difficult with the additional weight of water.

My stomach is also full of fluid. I'm unable to take care of myself. If we can get anyone that would be willing to volunteer their time, finances, fresh produce, or even sponsor supplements or even help with other small fundraisers. A little goes a long way. I trust you all will help in any possible whether it can only be mental or spiritual support. I appreciate any of it.

Bless you all. Appreciate your health and never take it for granted. Thank you for your contributions in advance. If you have any questions or need more Info, contact me at 18682791226 / Nitra (mom) 18683600204.
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    Get well soon Salisha. Merry Christmas

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    You are a fighter may god bless you always

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    Get well soon ❤️

  • Sharon Mitchell
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    God is your Jehovah Rapha( your healer). . I pray your healing

  • Juicing every single morning and smoothies every night. We go through a lot of fresh veggies and fruit. If you wish instead of money you can help out with market supplies through D'MarketMovers

    Frequently used are:

    Paw paw


Rally for Shally

by Shalisha Stewart
Created Nov 16, 2018 | Trinidad and Tobago
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