Our previous campaign was ended due to the deadline we had set hoping to be able to achieve our goal. I am creating this again in hopes that we can achieve our goal before our extension to the end of this month.

These funds are to help get my 4-year-old to Sunnybrook Hospital so she can get proper medical treatments and assistance. She was born 2 months premature and due to the method of her delivery, she developed a brain bleed which caused her to be diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy.

Unfortunately, there are extremely limited resources to help treat Sanaya and give her the ability to walk, talk and live a normal life. At Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, there are multiple options for her to get treatments, tools, and more for her to reach the full potential that she deserves.

As a single mother strictly working from home I am the only one able to care for her, it is in her best interest to get her to Canada so she can be treated and live a better quality of life along with the support of family there.

The amount needed is to be able to pay for travel, special needs kid supplies, medical appointments, etc.

We appreciate any help to be able to get these funds so we can migrate as soon as possible. The more she grows and develops, the more she realizes how much she can not do and gets frustrated so quickly that she can't use her legs or speak to express what she's feeling which is getting difficult for me as a mother to keep up and see how my baby girl is struggling. This is our last chance to get financial assistance so I can get her the medical solutions she desperately needs.
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    Good luck

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Sanaya's Chance to be Healed

by Karianna Ali
Created May 04, 2023 | Trinidad
$6,953 raised of $22,000 goal 32%
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