Christiqueclothing is more than just an emerging Sustainable Fashion Brand ,we are an active social enterprise .
Aside from being a fashion entrepenur , I am a Humanitarian with a deep passion to do my part to end Domestic violence by raising my voice, writing and using fashion as a platform to raise awareness about this stigma thats plauging not just our nation ,the Caribbean ,but the Globe

As a survivor myself , I truly understand the number one reason most women dont leave abusive situations is because a the need to access a safe place to find solace to reset , I believe seperation is neccessary so both parties can recieve councel, rehabilitation and transformation, but finding that secure non judgemental space is truly difficult . This is why is its so impotant for me to work hard at seeing this vision God placed on my heart become a reality

SETUP is a safe space, an eco system , where aspects of the Fashion and Agro industries are combined innovately to provide sustainably to Entrepenurial Training , Wellness and Transformation , Employment , Transition Housing , and Marketing .

As an active Change Maker , Digitial Ambassador, and Storyteller on the Global Platform World Pulse ,I have the technical support , resources and training available to me as well as the Network of a Global community of qualified persons

At present with a little help from my friends and clients , we already lend support to women and girls surving or fleeing domestc violent situation both tangibly and by speaking out on platforms to raise awareness.

As an added effort of our social outreach , we are collaborating with our sister NGO Green Army in its Grow Your Own Food campaign , by distributing seedlings and giving support to households to create their own growboxes and supplying them with organic pesticides and fertilisers and advice on successful crop production.
This has benefitted over 1000 households and continues to grow with other collaborative projects coming on stream.

Our main focus is to purchase 5 acres land on which to create this green sustainable space , which willbe operated with enviromental responsibilty and where nothing is considered waste .
Our Target in the frist instance is to raise the down payment on some prospective options of
$60,000 TT or $8,835.64 US , we are eager to start this project and truly appreciate your support

Help us to make an impact ,by seeing SETUP become a reality.
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by elizabeth francis
Created Jan 23, 2023 | Saint Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
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