Hi, I'm a musician living and working in my country of Trinidad and Tobago. It has been my aim to open and manage a school for the Arts in my village of La Brea. I was raised in this village and still live there. I understand the importance of the ARTS and the role in plays in development of minds and how it provides a space for creative expression. I know what the arts did for me as a teenager and I know that I would not have developed into the person/artist that I am today without being exposed to the arts. I would love to be able to provide a space for the children/teens in my village to experience the same. I successfully ran a teen talent and developmental program last year and I was further reminded of why WE NEED THIS, in this area. I have a potential space and I already have the ideas, program outline and tutors in mind. The intent is to offer Music Theory, Voice Lessons, Dance and Drama. I also aim to provide a meal for each child on the days of classes as I know this will be needed as well. Initially, the first cycle of classes will run for six (6) months and I'd love to start in September, 2020 (hopefully, COVID allows). I'd love for you to partner with me on this. No contribution is too small. Thank you. Stay safe.
You can find out more about me at my website
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    Hope this goal can be achieved...good luck!

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    Wishing you every success with this venture

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  • Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Trinidad and Tobago, we have postponed the start of these classes to January, 2020. We continue to monitor to be able to make a determination on the best time to get things off the ground. Take you and stay safe.


Vaughnette Bigford “Bringing the Arts to La Brea” Campaign

by Vaughnette Bigford
Created Jun 09, 2020 | La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago
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