The Trinidad and Tobago Narcissistic Awareness and Healing Foundation (TTNAWH) is dedicated to raising awareness about narcissistic abuse and offering critical support to its victims.

In recent years, the term "narcissism" has become more prevalent, underlining the need to understand the dreadful life changing impacts of this manipulative mechanism on our daily lives.

Recognizing these effects is a fundamental step in the path to recovery.

At TTNAWH, our mission involves: Ongoing workshops, training and sourcing opportunities for jobs and small businesses to create a sense of independence for victims.

Many victims of Narcissistic Abuse stay because they are dependant on their perpatrator for financial support in some way, and they honestly hope for change.

We need your help in empowering them to regain their self worth, while they embark on this path to healing.

We are seeking your help to support these victims. Your donations will be used to purchase supplies, food stuff, and a lot more. For instance, securing a place which will be used as a safe place for counseling, distribution of necessary supplies to victims, classes/workshops and comittee meetings.

We presently have members in need of food and clothing items, medication, a prosthesis limb for a lady that lost her leg in an accident while fleeing her perpetrator, as well as teaching materials and equipment. We have children in need of counseling and support with school supplies.
Please, as little or as much as you can donate to our cause will be returned 100 fold, and I'm sure it will make a significant impact.
Sue Barker (Founder and President, TTNAWH Foundation)

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Empowering survivors through education, support, and therapy, enabling them to reclaim their self-worth, rebuild their lives, and break free from the cycle of abuse.

by Narcissistic Awareness
Created Aug 10, 2023 | Trinidad and Tobago
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