I am Nurhaira T. Bulon from Zamboanga City, Philippines. A 3rd-year dentistry student. Dentistry is a dream at first. I know that taking it in college would be a problem but poverty pushed me to dream high in the hope to be the change for my parents. But COVID-19 happened and unexpectedly, my father died last year with his last wish for me to finish my studies and become a dentist

After his death, shifting to a different course crossed my mind but there were so many signs given just to delay and stop my plans of taking a different course.

My mom is trying her best to provide for both of us. She's struggling and I'm trying to help in some ways I can like getting into competition giving cash prizes, and side hustle like tutoring, which also gives me a strong urge to keep fighting for my studies. I tried to look for scholarships and sponsorships but there was no luck.

As crazy as this may sound, I know someone could need the help more, but I am not asking for much. I would just want to raise any amount to help me fund my studies. The fund I will get to raise will be for my dental instruments and tuition. Whatever amount will really be helpful for me.

If there's any program that helps and supports an orphan child like me or struggling single mothers like my mom, let me know too.

I have aims to pursue public health as a future dentist. I would want to offer my service to, not just kids, but adults who cannot afford and reach to have dental services. This dream that I used to have is now not only for me but for my late father and for my mom. Thank you so much and I hope to also give back help to others like me in the future.
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For My Studies

by Nurhaira Tibli
Created Mar 01, 2023 | Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines
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