Its new, its revolutinary,
A ground breaking musical experience
All the seasoned calypso tents under one roof
its the WACK 90.1fm Kalypso Kolisseum
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays;
See the best of tents - Kaiso showcase, Kaiso House, Tobago Masters and Calypso Revue.
Also introducing Beyond the Borders Calypso Krew, an international Calypso Tent
and many more to come....

This show features artistes from the Kaiso House tent with acts like
Mistah Shak, Aaron Duncan, Karene Asche, Sharlan Bailey, Bunny B and MC Damion Melville.
Log on to all WACK 90.1 fm Visual Radio platforms
on Thursday 27th, January, 2022 from 7 pm
Donations welcome at
“Ent yuh love yuh kaiso “
  • Cleveland S McMillan
    Cleveland S McMillan donated $338

    If you need to reference: Please use (Tampa Man)

  • Jessica Stephen
    Jessica Stephen donated $34

    Great show. Had to contribute again.

  • Arthur Lewis
    Arthur Lewis donated $135
  • Lancelot C BLizzard
    Lancelot C BLizzard donated $68

    JAM D KAISO!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne-Marie George-Quan Chan
    Anne-Marie George-Quan Chan donated $20

    Calypso, Calypso

  • carl forde
    carl forde donated $236

    its going to b hard to top this show

  • Claudia Coombs
    Claudia Coombs donated $135

    Mr. Shak is on point! From : Claudia & Redman

  • Annette Alexander
    Annette Alexander donated $169
  • Theodora Wharwood
    Theodora Wharwood donated $169
  • Sy Bedeau
    Sy Bedeau donated $169

    For our local artists , they have families too.

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Kalypso Kolisseum ft Kaiso House Again

by Kenny Phillips
Created Jan 23, 2022 | WACK 90.1fm, Trinidad and Tobago
$6,534 raised of $15,000 goal 44%
  • 56 Donations
  • No deadline

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