Dwayne (omari) was born 26 weeks into pregnancy 1.0 kg yes you read it right with 10% to live that's the words of the doctors. July 25th, 2021 for omari will be 14 years of age yes he proved the odd wrong thank god. Omari is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and global delay. Omari attends School is very good at reading a bit of a challenge with numbers at times. He has a speech delay he can walk but only with support .omari started getting pain in his foot may 2year now on and off. Now when I say pain in his foot most of the time when he's at school his teacher has to call and say he's crying his foot is hurt and most of the time, he misses out on his education because his foot hurt. Also if he walks for some time as well his right foot will be swollen .so I took him to princess Elizabeth home I explained this situation he was examined on his hamstring is too tight so they will have to do surgery to release his hamstring his surgery will be April the 8th 2021. I am asking for help for my son because he is a child that is very willing and he has a very determined mind. and also It hurts as a parent to hear your child ask you, mommy, why can I run why can't I with the other kids like my sister. why people only watching me so. why can u ask Jesus to fix my foot and make me talk like Alicia (sister). omari doesn't like people do much for him like to be independent. if he in pain at home he doesn't cry he says thank you Jesus amen bless the lord. he even once told me that this papa has gone to ask Jesus to heal his foot and his mouth so he can walk and talk. he gives me strength and motivation on a bad day for me he has a smile that brightens up your heart if you're feeling down.on April the 2nd his aunty is doing a sweet box to help respond to his surgery. I am asking on behalf of omari to help raise funds towards his speech therapy and also any medical supplies for after the surgery to help make his dreams come alive for his 14th birthday any assistance or support will be greatly appreciated. He also has a page where you can feel free to learn more about him and other children it's called Omari,s hamper drive for the differently able. thank you in advance, God bless
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    Number? Number for sweet box?

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Omari need you help

by Allison A. cudjoe-pascall
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