Hi to my Family and Friends. It's 2021, and six months later, my surgery (Lumbar decompression and fusion) was successful. Recovery, on the other hand, has been no walk in the park. I have had one round of physiotherapy and I’m now on my second. I certainly didn't think that I would still be recovering, but I have come to understand that the human body would do what it wants in its own time. So healing is slow, but progress is just that...progress . I have learned that progress is still progress no matter how small or slow. Recovery is not only in my body, but also in my mind. My mind and body fight on a daily basis, but the major component is for me to be patient and go with the flow.

I have said all of this to say, all my funds have been depleted and I still have unforseen medical expenses. I certainly did not expect this magnitude of medical expenses. There was a fundraiser planned for February 2021, but it had to be cancelled as I am in no shape or form to pull it off. I am kindly asking for donations of any amount, as I believe that every bit would go a long way. I am grateful for the donations that I would have received previously and I can guarantee that it did help in every way possible. I pray that God will continue to bless you bountifully for your graciousness extended towards me. I must say that it is difficult for me to return to this platform, but God said to ask and ye shall receive, knock and a door shall be opened.

Your prayers, well wishes and donations are truly appreciated in a time like this.
Thanking you in advance.
With love,
For direct deposit contributions (Trinidad and Tobago):
RBC Account name: Simona Jackson
RBC Bank Account #: 100085170415658
  • Kurt Banfield
    Kurt Banfield donated $203

    Just something small to help with your recovery at home.

  • Candayce Boyce-Yee Loy
    Candayce Boyce-Yee Loy donated $1,350
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Post Surgery Fundraiser

by Simona Jackson
Created Mar 28, 2021 | Port of Spain
$1,553 raised of $15,000 goal 10%
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