Father of 2 and Grand Father of 1 diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Failure & Heart Failure.

Hi Everyone, If You Have A Moment I Humbly Ask If You Can Take A Few Minutes Out Of Your Day On This Glorious Sunday.

A few days ago I found out that my daddy, 71 years of age, has Stage 4 Kidney Failure & Heart Failure. Dad has always been an avid athlete and we never thought in our wildest nightmares that we would be dealing with this type of situation.

As many of you may know, I’m the only working individual in my family and the daily struggle is too real. As of today, dad’s heart, lungs and entire body is filled with 40 pounds of fluid as he is in Stage 4 Kidney Failure.

Dad is in need of immediate dialysis to prevent End Stage Kidney Failure which would then require a Kidney Transplant. Dialysis performs the function of the kidneys when they've failed. It filters and purifies the blood using a machine, which helps keep your fluids and electrolytes balanced.

I am humbly asking for any assistance you can give to help my dad get dialysis and heart treatments. It’s a major shock to the family and we are still trying to come to terms with the situation.. We appreciate any amount you can donate to assist.

Please feel free to donate even $1.00 as we know everyone has their own struggles in life.
We will be eternally grateful for any assistance you can offer. Please share with your friends and family.

Please Help Us Give Dad Extra Time With His First Little Grandson. God Bless.

Please help us to raise funds to get Dialysis Treatment and Heart Treatment. We appreciate any amount you can donate. Every penny will go a long way towards giving him extra time to spend with his new grandchild and family. Please and Thank You! God Bless!
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Raise Funds For Dad’s Kidney & Heart Treatments

by Stephanie Harry
Created Mar 26, 2023 | Trinidad
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