Arizona State University’s Professor Garth Paine once stated that sound is a critical signifier in environmental health and urban planning. Throughout his decades of study in the field he has learned, “how the density of the air changes as the sun rises or sets, how animal behaviour shifts as a result, and how all of these things are intricately linked.”

Acoustic Ecology is an emerging field of study that analyses our environments with sound. Yes, other aspects are vital, but it is becoming increasingly apparent the importance of capturing acoustic indicators which can determine environmental status and health. This is not only significant for ourselves but for the organisms that surround us. Everything from the trees in the rainforest to the crickets in our backyard, the sound of our environment can be analysed and purpose derived from the findings. In Trinidad and Tobago, we can use results from similar studies to plan communities and determine ways to mitigate damage to environments. It is my hope the research done here can stand up in the growing field of Acoustic Ecology and springboard interest into more like it. This field can loan a fresh voice to envirnmental studies in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the West Indies.

Hi, I am Abeni Mc Donald and my final year project as a Digital Media Arts Student (Specialisation in Music Technology) at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) aims to gather data from various (3 at this time) soundscapes over a period of time. We are a country of diverse environments and spaces. A proper record of our varied soundscapes can aid not only in the understanding of the environments around us, but an understanding of our impact on these environments. I would like to study the acoustics of our residential, urban, and rural environments over a period of 6 months to a year. The project would define the acoustic soundscapes of the places studied, particularly how they change over time and why.

Initial desk research for the project has started along with rudimentary soundscape phone recordings. Field research should begin within the first 2 months of the 2021-2022 school year and a final report submitted to be assesed within the last month of the same. This campaign will be closed before the new 2021-2022 semester begins in September.

Obtaining equipment for this study would be no easy or cheap task, my aim is quality. This page has been created so that donations can be made to assist with the purchase of equipment required so that I may give an in-depth and meaningful final year project. I believe that this is attainable once the importance of the equipment required is stressed and understood (see the project's IG page). There is also is a Google Drive link to an equipment list and costs below.

Thank you for your time and your donation. Feel free to have a look at the resources attached and the budget for the equipment. Updates will be posted when equipment is received along with actual costs. Vlog updates on my research throughout the year will also be posted on my social media pages.

Donation Rewards:
$1- $20
A thank you email.
$100 +
Credits in each posted update video.
Access to exclusive behind the scenes video and live video updates.
$1000 +
Access to all initial data, video footage, high quality audio recordings and early access to the final report.

*Any excess from donations will be accountated for on IG and contribute to an additional reward for contributors.

Article Sources:
What Is Acoustic Ecology? We Have 5 Questions - EcoWatch
Listening to nature: How sound can help us understand environmental change (
Acoustic Ecology and Ethical Listening | Center for Humans & Nature (

Video Source:
This Is What Extinction Sounds Like - YouTube

Equipment List For Acoustic Ecology Project
Acoustic Ecology in TT_ Equipment Cost .xlsx - Google Drive

Updates/Progress on Social Media (Instagram)
Sound Scape (@soundscapes_tnt) • Instagram photos and videos


*When you donate please send your email as a direct message to the project's instagram account so that I can thank you.
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Soundscapes of Trinidad and Tobago

by Abeni Mc Donald
Created Mar 01, 2021 | University of Trinidad and Tobago
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