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My name is Charisse. I was recently accepted (May, 2021) into the Fall 2021 Foreign Language Education Master of Education program at the University of South Florida, USA.

It was exciting news having waited in suspense for over a year to hear back from them. Then (June, 2021), my smile turned upside down when the intended sponsor withdrew with a, "Good Luck!" and a "Toodle-doo!". As such, I am seeking your kind assistance and support to help me get to school!

The cost of schooling for the first year is over US$30,000, however, I am asking for help to cover Tuition, fees and books amounting to the equivalent of US$18,000. I am applying for employment as a student abroad and am also putting my hands to other ventures here at home, in a bid to come up with the rest of the funds. God sparing, I also intend to continue working in order to pay tuition, fees etc. for the second year.

I come from a family of teachers, my mum having retired as a principal of Nelson Street Boys' R.C., and I know this move will make her proud.

With our migrant population healthily growing, I believe this degree will help me help our MoE, your children and grandchildren, migrant children and grandchildren excel in their education too.

Importantly, and due to the unexpected change in financial support, USF has kindly granted me an extension to register for Spring 2022 instead of Fall 2021.

Thank you very kindly in advance for considering to help, any amount and every benevolent gift will help towards the main goal; not only for me but also for sweet T&T.

Peace be with you.
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by Charisse J. BROOME
Created Jun 21, 2021 | Port of Spain
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