The Bake and Shark Specialist presents The Annual Saltfish Fete - The Virtual Edition. Come Monday 8th, February, 2021, the popular fete brings to you....our top DJs through the years.

Log in and fete with DJ Gabby, Dr Ross, DJ Capshon, and Mr. Desmond. Also look out for a live performance by our very own Tony P!!!

Remember, as we continue to embrace the new normal, donations are encouraged to keep such events alive. So, on Saturday 6th February, 2021 from 7PM, all we ask is that our loyal viewers & listeners donate, donate, donate!! If only to keep our pan, our culture and Carnival 2021 we too strive onward from this pandemic into the new normal.

Donations are welcomed through our campaign:

During the event Bmobile Customers can donate by sending a text message to the codes listed below!

Text 92251 to donate $5
Text 92252 to donate $10
Text 92253 to donate $20
Text 92254 to donate $50

You wouldn't want to miss it!!

See you there!
    THERESA MORRIS donated $135

    Was unable to look at the live show. Thank you.

  • Rowena
    Rowena donated $236

    Thank you Patsy and Wack. Too many stormers!!!

  • Anne-Marie George-Quan Chan
    Anne-Marie George-Quan Chan donated $34

    Good going T.P., you had Pet performing ?

  • Beverly Toney
    Beverly Toney donated $135

    My first Saltfish fete....Desmond is ah boss DJ....

  • dorrick nurse
    dorrick nurse donated $68

    Enjoying the party at home.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675

    I must say thanks to wack 90.1 continue to bless tnt

  • Charlene Ford
    Charlene Ford donated $270

    Miami in the party

  • Leon LeeFoo
    Leon LeeFoo donated $68
  • Betty
    Betty donated $34
  • Eileen
    Eileen donated $203

    Enjoying the music on the dance floor, .

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The Annual Saltfish Fete - The Virtual Edition

by Kenny Phillips
Created Feb 05, 2021 | WACK 90.1fm, Trinidad & Tobago
$2,835 raised of $20,000 goal 14%
  • 19 Donations
  • No deadline

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