Help Andra Beat Cancer Again!

It was our worst nightmare all over again... My family and I huddled together in a doctor’s office. The doctor quietly reviewing the results of the scans and blood tests. Then after a pregnant pause, finally giving the grim diagnosis – CANCER.
I think we all thought we had more time before the next family tragedy. My mother passed away 2 years prior, with a similar diagnosis.
Surely, my 35-year-old sister was too young to be getting such devastating news about her health.
My name is Amanda. In 2019, my sister Andra Francis-Nicholas was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. When the cancer was first discovered, the prognosis was not good. She was basically told there was nothing much beyond palliative care that could be done for her. In other words, any treatment would just be to ease her pain and suffering until the inevitable and quickly-approaching end.
However, my sister beat the odds! Through a combination of conventional and alternative treatments and a positive mental attitude, centered on her faith in God, she started to make a miraculous comeback. After 6 rounds of chemotherapy, the cancer was under control, and she was feeling much better. The next step was maintenance therapy. Upon transitioning to maintenance therapy however, the cancer came back on 2 occasions, but through her tenacity and by God’s grace she overcame each and every time.
Due to other complications however, at this point in time, the cancer has returned in her liver. As a result of this, Andra has had to re-start intense chemotherapy treatments.
As many of you are aware, cancer treatments are extremely expensive, and 3 years of going it alone has taken a heavy toll on the family’s finances, especially since Andra is unable to work. Hence the reason for organizing this fundraiser.
Additionally, there is a clinic in Mexico that has extensive experience and results in treating her particular type of cancer. We believe that this clinic could be of great assistance to Andra, with its 18-day in-patient treatment program.
Before Andra can attend the clinic, she will need to get travel-ready physically. At the moment, her main physical ailments are a swollen and distended mid-section and an open wound on one of her legs. Both improved with the last round of chemo i.e., the swelling around her mid-section decreased and the wound on the other leg closed up completely. We are therefore hopeful that another round or two of chemotherapy can improve her physical condition and thus enable her to make the trip.
The funds that will be raised would assist with:
• Out-of-pocket expenses for treatment i.e., the portion not covered by insurance,
• Andra’s attendance at the clinic in Mexico,
• Daily living expenses: food, bandages, transport to appointments, medications, toiletries, etc.

After successfully overcoming this disease, Andra wants to give back. She has plans to help other cancer patients on their journey back to good health. She also wants to participate in other charitable cancer activities, share the gospel of Jesus and testify of his saving grace.
NO donation is too small. We’d appreciate any amount you have to give. With each person’s contribution we know we will reach our goal.
And of course, thank you for all the prayer, support, and words of encouragement from everyone.

Fundraising Goal: $50,000 USD
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    We are very sorry to hear of the loss of our dear Andrea. Sorry we couldn't donote more. May you feel the presence of God at this time. Our deepest condolences love from the Lynch Family xxx

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  • Andra went home to glory on January 6th 2023.
    We are now kindly asking for assistance to help her husband in this difficukt time to complete her medical expenses and give her the send off she deserves.


Help Andra beat Cancer Again!

by Amanda Francis
Created Dec 18, 2022 | Trinidad
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